Lada VFTS — 40 / rally.ee — 20

1 October 2022, LaitseRallyPark

About the event

About the event

A car show where the legendary rally car Lada VFTS, which was homologated with Group B number 222, takes pride of place. Hence the name of the event, RallyLegend222. The number is made magical by the fact that the creator of the Lada VFTS, Stasys Brundza, who turned 75 this year, was also born on a date in which three two (22 February). It is now 2022, and that includes three twos.
FISA (Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) homologated the Lada VFTS Group B on October 1, 1982. So this year marks the 40th anniversary of the birth of this car. There will be a reunion of rally athletes who drove the Lada VFTS in the 1980s.
Exactly five months later, on March 1 2023, the rally.ee E-zine will turn 20 years old, but we will now hold the birthday event on October 1. For this occasion, demonstration runs of various racing cars will take place and the day will end with a supersprint.


Hingu village, Saue Parish, Harju County, Estonia 59°10'27''N-24°21'58''E


1 October 2022
10:00 AM


Here are some of participants. Please find full list here

Speaker 1

Janno Ligur

Rallycross driver

Speaker 2

Urmo Aava

Rally Estonia organizer, former rally driver

Speaker 3

Robert Virves

World rally champion in Junior WRC

Speaker 4

Jaspar Vaher

Talented young rally driver

Speaker 5

Karl Martin Volver

Rally & rallycross driver

Speaker 6

Andre Kurg

Rallycross driver


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Car show

Lada VFTS rally cars will be on display in the exhibition hall. There is exhibition of thematic items and an exhibition of car models. You can see authentic historical and modern Lada rally cars. The rally aces who competed with the Lada VFTS in the golden age of Group B will come together.

Demo races

Sportsmen from various motor sports disciplines demonstrate the capabilities of various racing vehicles to the spectators. The focus is on rally cars, but you can also see rallycross competition machines and, for example, a Lada drift car.


Supersprint race take place on a 2.25 km long special track. Participants drive three rounds. In the end, the winners of the machine classes will determine the absolute best when driving a Lada. Before starting the supersprint, star drivers of the 80s will compete with Ladas.

Event Schedule

The opening ceremony starts at 10 o'clock.

Detailed schedule


Gathering for the parade.

Opening ceremony

Introduction of the participants, parade of cars on the front section of the tribune.


Photosession, autograph session.

Start of demonstration runs

Demonstration drive. Commented by Olaf Suuder.

End of demonstration runs

End of demonstration drive.

The beginning of the mandate

Registration of supersprint competitors, begins technical inspection of race cars.


Competitors can explore the course on foot.

End of mandate

Competitors registration and technical inspection of race cars ends.

Starting list

Publication of starting list.

Competition begins

Start of supersprint.

Final race

In the final race, the superprint class winners will compete with LatseRallyPark Lada.


Provisional classification published.


Awarding the supersprint winners on the podium.


Reconnaissance for legends competition contestants.


Gathering for the parade next to the Automaja.

Opening ceremony

Introduction of the legendary rally drivers and demo race participants.

Photo session

Photo shoot, autograph session.


Mandate for legends competition contestants.

Meeting with VIP visitors in tribune bulding

Meeting with VIP visitors in the 3rd floor VIP area of the tribune building (15 min).


Reconnaissance for legends competition contestants with their private cars.

Legends race

Legends rallysprint competition with LaitseRallyPark Lada

Gathering in Automaja

Video footage from the 1980s in the background in the banquet hall of the exhibition hall, slide program.

About the story of the movie Teisikud in Automaja

Merle Talvik, Raivo Tiikmaa and Raido Rüütel tell the story of the making of the movie, which was made in 1982.

Movie Teisikud in Automaja

Movie Teisikud (1:20) screening.

Autograph session in Automaja

Autograph session.

Photo shoot in Automaja

Taking portrait photos. Photographer Mati Hiis


Legends rallysprint winners awarding on the podium.

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery. Detailed map here.


The whole complex is located on a 28ha sized landscape, which has all sorts of attractions for cars and traffic. LaitseRallyPark offers entertainment for all car enthusiasts. At this time LaitseRallyPark will host this unique event RallyLegend222. In 2010 and 2011 the Grand Prix rallyshow took place there.



  • The price of a standard ticket for an adult is 25 euros.

    A VIP pass costs 99 euros. The VIP pass guarantees access to the special VIP zone on the third floor of the grandstand building with a good view. The VIP pass guarantees a free drink and snacks, as well as an event brochure and sticker. The holder of a VIP pass can meet legendary rally drivers in the VIP zone on the 3rd floor of the tribune building. The number of VIP tickets is limited.

  • Visitors to the event can park their vehicles in the designated parking area free of charge.

  • Yes, admission is free for children under 12 years old.

  • Yes. There are stickers and a magazine for sale.

  • Yes. This is permitted from the stands and other spectator viewing areas.

    Filming/taking pictures with a drone without prior agreement with the organizer is not allowed.

  • Alcohol is prohibited at the event. Alcohol is not allowed on the territory. There is no sale of alcoholic beverages.

Buy tickets

There are two types of passes for sale, which can be purchased online through Piletitasku

Standard ticket
25 EUR

  • Access to the territory
  • Access to the viewing areas, incl the tribune
  • Access to the exhibition hall
  • Access to the service park

VIP ticket
99 EUR

  • Access to the territory
  • Access to the viewing areas, incl the tribune
  • Access to the exhibition hall
  • Access to the service park
  • Access to the VIP area inside the tribune building
  • Meet the star drivers in the tribune building VIP area
  • Free food and drink in the VIP area